Teaching as an introvert

I just recently gained enough courage to teach yoga publicly.

Who will show up? How many yogis will come to class? Will they walk out mid class? Will they come back next week?

These are all the questions that come up in my mind when I drive to the studio Saturday afternoon.

I recently shared with a coworker at my full time job that I had complete YTT in 2016 and was finally teaching. Her reaction was something along the lines of… “It took you 2 years!”

At first I felt judged, but my response to her was “I’m an introvert and it took time for me to believe in myself first.” When I signed up for YTT it was to deepen my practice and when I found joy in creating flows I hoped to teach one day. Auditioning to a few studios early on after graduating from teacher training was difficult. Rejection isn’t easy to swallow and not take personally.

As a student, teacher, and human please be aware of how quickly you judge.

I tell my students to try different teachers because we all offer something different and vibe best with only a few.

I still have so much to learn in finding my voice and style of teaching. This will take time but I’m excited and motivated to take on this new adventure.

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