About Me


The last time I updated this was 3 years ago. (see below)
Here are a couple highlights.
Full update to come.
It’s now 2020 and things have already taken a twist. I mean this in the most amazing way. A solid year of teaching yoga and still a full time RN.  Adding on, I’m a full time dog mom to the most loyal fur ball ever.
Some things over the past few years have remained the same.
I first discovered yoga while completing my first Bachelor’s degree. I come from a gymnastics background and enjoyed the athletic similarity of yoga. This was the beginning of my journey.
After a couple of years of self discovery, I changed my career to nursing which is the best decision I have ever made. During my final year of nursing school, I reached the lowest point of my life. I had struggled with mild depression in the past but this was a new low I had never experienced before. While trying to manage the stress of completing my final year of nursing school, my anxiety problems, and with being clinically diagnosed with depression, I knew there was something missing in my life. Little did I know then the impact yoga would soon have in my life.
In the beginning I was not able to dedicate myself to practicing consistently, but when I began my career as a Neonatal ICU nurse here in Los Angeles, I finally had the time and stability to do so. I have been very lucky to practice and form bonds with many fantastic instructors in Santa Monica, where I do most of my practice. The yoga community is like no other.
This year I finally felt that I was in a strong place with myself and my practice and decided to complete my 200 Hour Yoga Teacher training. I needed a break from every day life so decided that getting far away from California would offer me the peace I needed to start this next journey. I completed my training with Bryce Yoga in Koh Samui, Thailand. The experience has taught me many valuable lessons about how to improve my practice and teach others. I also met some amazing friends from around the world. Now that I am back in LA I feel renewed and ready to share my love of yoga with others. I am excited about this next part of my journey and am looking forward to motivating others the way my mentors have motivated me.
Follow your heart toward exploring your passion! It is never too late!